Blood Doping

This term refers to the practice of removing 500-1000 ml (17-34 fl. oz.) of  an athlete's blood around six weeks prior to a competition.  The water part of the blood, a.k.a. plasma, is removed in order to concentrate the red blood cells, and then it is frozen.  One week before the race, these cells are re-suspended and put back into the body.  The theory is that the increased concentration of red blood cells in the body just prior to competition increases the oxygen carrying capacity and resultantly increases endurance.  Studies done on this technique have produced differing results and certain side effects like high blood pressure and heart failure have also been seen as a result of this technique.

This technique is banned by the IOC and other sporting agencies.   And, as with the use of steroids, the risks seem to far outweigh the potential benefits.  This technique is also viewed by athletes and fans as another form of cheating, and if one is caught, it could ruin a career.

With all this in mind, we obviously suggest that you stay away from this process.  As the name implies, you'd have to be a 'dope' to try it!