Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is, officially, a national organization of more than 42,000 members that provides organized workouts, competitions, clinics and workshops for adults aged 18 and over.  Unofficially, itís a way for old competitive swimmers to relive the glory days and a way for novice or intermediate swimmers to enter the realm of intervals (instead of just swimming a mile), pace clocks, and actual sets.  It can be a fun, noncompetitive way to get in shape, and a way to bond with other swimmers who are seeking a great all-around workout.  Or, you can choose to compete at the local or national levels.  Many sanctioned and sponsored meets are held throughout the country on a regular basis.  The website for United States Masters Swimming is

Membership in USMS is administered by your Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC). Links to finding your appropriate LMSC are available on the USMS site. To join USMS, you may find registration information on your LMSC web site, or you will need to contact your local Registrar. The annual fees are approximately $35. The membership entitles you to enter USMS-sanctioned meets and receive a subscription to the USMS magazine, which includes relevant articles about training and competing.

Masters teams generally meet at a local pool, whether at a YMCA, a high school, or a community health center. There are organized practices offered, many of them coached. Youíll find that although swimming is a very individual sport, it is far more fun to engage in the sport if you are able to achieve the camaraderie of having teammates.

Swimmers of all ability levels and among all age groups are welcomed. In fact, teams who have a large contingent of younger (18-25 years olds) or older (60+ years old) members tend to score a lot of points at local meets, due to the fact that this is a smaller group of people.