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Welcome to gugly's virtual trainer--the next step in the evolution of sports training.  Utilizing the technology of the internet in conjunction with our skilled staff and your desire to succeed, gugly will provide you with superior coaching and training techniques usually reserved only for the pros.


Here's what you do:

   1.   Tell us your event.  
   2.   Tell us when it is.  
   3.   Tell us your desired outcome (time, distance, etc.).  
   4.   Pick your coach from our team.  You can check them out under the Coach Bios page.  
   5.    Fill in your email address.  
   6.   Add any additional pertinent or non-pertinent background/comments.  
   7.   Click on the darn Submit button.  

Here's what we do:

   1.   Gugly notifies the coach about his or her new team member.  
   2.   All info submitted is forwarded on to your future coach.  
   3.   Our coach will then contact you via email within 24 hours.  
   4.   The coach will request and provide more specific details as needed.  
   5.    Completely personalized virtual training will begin!  

Coach and athlete will communicate with each other no less than weekly, enabling your gugly coach to gauge how you are progressing and adapt the workouts accordingly.  You receive the kind of coaching that in the past, only the pros could receive.  No mass produced workouts here.  All training is customized for the individual, thereby optimizing the end result!

Training is limited to one year time horizons but you can change coaches or re-apply at any time.  You can also cease virtual training whenever you want!

As when undertaking any physical activity, please consult a physician prior to undertaking gugly's Virtual Trainer.  Always exercise responsibly. 

Click below to find out more about our Gugly-coaches.

You will find credentials, pictures, and a history on each.

You can also e-mail them with questions.

Yes, that's right!  Virtual trainer is free all the time!


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